Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ruby script to make Kohls auto payments

I published a Ruby script today to make payments to Kohls somewhat less painful. I always found it very annoying that Kohls does *not* allow auto payments to be set.. I ended up paying late fees as a result once as well. Hopefully with this script setup as a cron job I'll not miss my payment. I'll just copy what the script does from the readme here.

The script can be found at

A ruby script to make auto payments to Kohls at
It allows one to login to their Kohls account and make payment for the
'current balance' (if any). I'm using this script as a cron job
that runs daily, and thought it may prove useful to others.

What is needed to run the script?
Phantomjs (
Capybara (
Poltergeist (
Mail (

On my OS X, I found homebrew ( to be the easiest way
to get all these installed.

Also, please update the kohls user/pass and security questions/answers
in 'setupUserConfig' method of 'Kohls' class. Optionally, put your
gmail user/pass if you wish to receive email report of the payments made.

What are current limitations?
1. only the 'current balance' on the account is paid
2. only Gmail is supported for sending the email for payment report

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tip: XML mixed content

If someone would've asked me whether this is valid XML, I would've thought twice before saying yes or no... thanks to the quick and awesome tutorials on, now I know this, in fact, is valid XML :)

  Dear Mr.<name>John Smith</name>.
  Your order <orderid>1032</orderid>
  will be shipped on <shipdate>2001-07-13</shipdate>.